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Complete Failure - Home School is a Bust

He started out so great this morning! Did one 20 minute session of reading a book about math. The trouble started when he had to go on to the second activity. He chose to do reading, and then discovered that the book he planned to read was one he had already read. Between trying to get breakfast eaten, and trying to think of a book he can read that he hasn't read before, he complained loudly, at which point I counted him. He got to three and I added 15 minutes to the end of his school day. He talked back so another 15 minutes. And then there were many tears and lots of discussion and I told him home school isn't going to work out. He needs to be self motivated. Two rules. #1. No complaining or whining. #2. No talking back.

I think he'll be capable of home schooling when he's got a bit more self control and self confidence to know what he can do and how he can do it.

For now, I've got to get him re-enrolled in public school for Fall. I never withdrew him via official paperwork, but I have to work hard to get him setup for this Fall with the enrollment office.

Home School - New Schedule

Last week was a bit of a disaster. Lazy child = unhappy child. Lots of forced work under very obvious duress and some complaint. I've put my foot down and told him he can't complain. We are at the tipping point, where if he doesn't pull it together, I will keep him enrolled in school. Too much stress!

We're starting a new schedule because its apparent there is considerable anxiety about electronic time and school work encroaching on that time.

My solution is to extend school time and give it more structure. If this doesn't work, then in a last ditch effort I'll extend school time until 3-4pm so he has no electronic access until mid afternoon unless he's doing school work.

I've made a weekly chart noting which subjects he needs to complete daily for each day of the week and hung it on the wall. He also has a couple other pages that show him activities he can do each day to fulfill the requirements for each subject. Each subject has 3-4 options, so he can have variety each day.

I tried to come up with a variety of tasks he can do that will add some curiosity and play aspects to his education. He can get electronic time (supervised) if he's playing a math game or working on a writing assignment. He can also get some additional computer time by working on learning a computer language for his language arts homework.

Above all, I want him to start exploring topics on his own, with some enthusiasm instead of slogging through as if its a burden.

One thing that has changed is he is not motivated to get out of bed in the morning, and has slept in until almost 9am. Unheard of! He usually is up well before 8am to he can maximize his computer playing time.

He's not allowed to have electronics until noon, IF his work is done, and his total work per day is no more than 3 hours per day.

I'm going to amend these requirements as I feel out what he is motivated to do. These charts were made in Microsoft Publisher.