Computer Maintenance 101 - Defragmenting

One of the things I commonly do to keep my computer happy is defragment my hard drive. Defragmenting is exactly what it sounds like. Its a process that makes little data bits and fragments more organized. It puts all of the fragments neatly together and frees up your system resources in the process. I.E. your computer runs faster! Whahoo!

If you install new software, or uninstall software, it is always a good idea to defragment your computer. For instance, if you uninstall a program, it is best to complete the uninstallation, reset the computer, and then run the defragmenting program. For those of you who do not know how to run the defragmenter, it is in the Accessories panel under System Tools.

There is also a free defragment tool that you can download. I don't know if it is excessively better than the defragment program that Microsoft includes with Windows, but you can give it a shot. I haven't had a chance to try it out on my main hard drive, but thats a whole different story that I won't bore you with.

Here is the link to the free defragment tool.

If you haven't run the defragmenter in a long time, it will probably take hours to complete. Just let it do its thing in the background. If your computer slows down so much that it isn't usable while its defragmenting, then do it while you sleep at night.

If your hard drive is so full that you can't defragment, its time to buy another hard drive or get rid of some unneccesary files. I will cover that in a future post. Woot. Happy Defragmenting.

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Kelli said...

We do it once a year probably. I need to upload some work stuff online and clean out my desktop then empty the trash and then defrag. Sounds like a good idea. Thanks for reminding me, who knows when I did it last, which is why its only about once a year.