Neil Young is about to release his entire collection of recordings on Blue-Ray disks. This is some high quality audio! I'm not a big fan of Neil Young, but I am a big fan of what he said at a conference. He said "Putting on a headphone and listening to MP3 is like hell."

I totally agree! I am always shocked at those who can't tell the difference when they are listening to MP3's. Sometimes, a low volume can mask the degradation in audio quality, but don't all of those IPOD fans know that half of the power and pleasure of their music has been sucked out through digital tampering? I guess not. Thats why IPODS are so popular. People don't care. But, how could they not care?

I have a big long lecture about the power of using music that is still analog, but I won't bore you with the details. I just want you to know that using digital systems such as car stereo's and other audio systems that has a really good and strong "DAC" (Digital to Analog Converter), will make your music sound much more awesome and appealing. I have a 24bit DAC minimum on all of my audio hardware. The result....awesome listening pleasure. So next time you go shopping to buy something audio related, ask them about the DAC. If it doesn't have one worth mentioning, the salesman will give you a blank look.

By the way...keep buying audio CD's instead of downloading MP3's. The quality is so much better that you will enjoy your listening that much more...and if you are really into music that makes your bones and heart sing, get DVD audio or Super Audio CD's. Mmmm....I lovers it. Trust me, there is a huge difference. If only I could show your ears the power of good equipment and music that hasn't been digitally altered. Ahhh....

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Eddie the Girl said...

your right, I don't pay attention, but I probably will now and it will probable bother me too.