Photography - The Rules of Composition and Other Stuff

A lot of us bloggers use cameras. I am a big fan of taking pictures, and I really like to make good looking pictures. I found this video clip about how to make really really really good looking pictures. (Yes, that was a reference to the movie Zoolander). Its a short clip about the rules of photography composition. I found it quite helpful, although I am sure taking good looking photos is a talent thing as well as an art. And, another bonus to watching this video is that the person has an Irish accent. Very cool.

Photography: The Rules Of Composition

And here's a video that discusses shutter speed and aperture.

Digital Photography Tips: Exposure, Shutter Speed And Aperture

And finally, some tips and tricks about how to use digital cameras.

VideoJug: Digital Camera Tips And Tricks


Judie & George said...

I watched the first segment and liked it a lot. I will get to the others. Since we all seem to be consumed with photography for our blogs, this is good information!

Eddie the Girl said...

irish accent, beautiful!