Sick of Cell Phones

A long time ago, I was personally against owning a cell phone. I was in college when cell phones became popular and mainstream. I remember the startling cultural shift that occurred when I commonly heard people loudly talking to themselves at the supermarket. Remember when you first saw someone talking on a cell phone with a blue tooth headset? My first reaction was "that person is crazy!" I soon became annoyed with the "loud talkers" and the "I'm too important to put my cell phone away while I make a transaction with another human being" people. So, I refused to own a cell phone. I found them intrusive and annoying. But, I am happy to say that most people have finally learned cell phone etiquite, even if they do talk while they are driving (which is very dangerous! Watch Myth Busters! Its worse than driving intoxicated).

When I moved home after college, a cell phone became a necessity. I needed the ability to call others without using the house phone, and I didn't want those blessed Dattilo's to have to keep taking messages for me on their home phone. I grudgingly purchased a cell phone on Amazon, and I've had one ever since. I've grudgingly had cell phones assigned to me at work, and I continued to feel they were a necessary evil. At my latest job, they even gave me a blackberry that updated me constantly on my emails, as well as gave hundreds of people access to me 24 hours around the clock. I thought this was insane but I played along to keep my job.

The cell phone companies are now offering access to your email, Cable TV channels, and the internet, all through one hand held device. The Geek Mom in me thinks this is really cool, but the prudent money saver, and the time scheduling economist thinks that this opens the door for more people to waste more money and more time.

What do you think? Are cell phones necessary evils? Do you really need access to TV and your email? Have you ever used your cell phone or email to post a message on your blog? Did you know that can be done? Do you even care? Lets here your thoughts!

I'm about to get rid of my cell phone. I just don''t use it enough to pay over $100 to talk to my husband and others during the day. I love to text message, but I can do without. Whats wrong with having a standard analog phone? Hmmm...


Kelli said...

1) ist nessessary for me to have access to Kyler 100% of the time (incase of a kidney ect)although he doesnt always hear it......
2) I love talking on the ph so when cell ph's came available I was in heaven. hehe
3)I only txt hubby and Kyler
4) when I worked it was nice to get stuff done on the ph, yes while driving, sorry, for YW when I was pres, so it cut down on home time with family
5) once in London, girlies made so much noice on their phones while in a movie, it sucked and with 911 just happening, I was afraid to say anything to them (they were another culture)
6)I know they are annoying and I know they cost too much, but I love having a phone on my all the time. hehe

Judie & George said...

I never use mine, but I take it with me in the car. My plan is up, which means I am not under contract to a cell phone company, and don't want to be. I think I want to give it up, if I choose. However, I still think it makes great safety sense while driving. Sometimes I wonder why we think we have to let others invade our time with things like phones (cell or otherwise). Shouldn't we be the ones to decide whether or not to respond to the bell? Unfortunately for me, the bell (Mom's) rules my life right now. She rings, and I respond. I am like Pavlov's dogs.

ann.rachel said...

I'm kind of torn in between. I think it's nice to have a cell phone only when it's neccessary.. perhaps just a pre-paid phone that's purpose is for emergencies. Like if your car breaks down and you need to call for help. And for me, Brandon's phone is long distance, and it's nice to not have a calling card to dial every time I want to know where he is.
But I think that cell phones are now becoming too much and over used. People these days are spending less and less time outside and with their families because there are so many distractions. If cell phones have TV, e-mail, and whatever else they can think of, family values will continue to decrease. (I saw that mythbusters, by the way!! I love that show :]) I also heard on the news that excessive of a cell phone will increase your risk of brain cancer somehow. I wish I didn't have to have one. I used to be able to get away with not having one because all of my friends had cell phones when I hung out with them. I rarely use my phone, and I never drive and talk at the same time. I want to shoot all those who do.

Eddie the Girl said...

i've been wanting to cut the cell phones in the family down from 2 to one and get a land line.

1. b/c land lines are less expensive
2. b/c after one of the jobs I've had I have an aversion to phones and really don't want one around much any more
3. b/c I want a family phone, the ward always calls Andy when they need to get a hold of me.

all the stuff you can do on a phone is amazing, but just entertainment as far as I am concerned.

I've also thought about just getting a pay as you go phone for emergencies. our contract is up in OCT I think so we'll see what we doe.