Topic Requests

I have been thinking about ideas for posts on this blog, and I was wondering if anyone had a specific topic they would like me to address (mostly in reference to computers or software). I would love to be challenged by answering questions you may have. Please feel free to comment and give me ideas.

I also heard that some people may be intimidated about cleaning the inside of the computer. As long as the computer is unplugged, and you are not taking the power supply apart (the big box that the power cord plugs into thats says "warning, electrical shock hazard if you take me apart or stick things in me"), you have nothing to worry about. Don't drop liquid inside, (keep that bottle of soda away from the computer), and keep your body grounded. Its that easy. To stay grounded so there is no static electricity build up that can possibly ruin a computer part, you just keep your hand on the shell of the computer case. Touching any metal part of the frame will make sure that any static that may have built up is dissipated and doesn't harm the computer parts. I have cleaned many computers, handled many parts, and never had to worry about ruining something because of static electricity.

I guess if you really need your computer cleaned and you are too afraid to dive in, ask me to do it. I don't mind (but if you live far from here, you may have to pay for a plane ticket...heh heh).


Kelli said...

I have lots of questions, but will have to think about them or email you as they come up. Your my new computer go to person. YEAH for me, sorry for you.

Eddie the Girl said...

sounds worth it to me. I acutally had a dream last night that I was in WA.

Eddie the Girl said...

um my computer is runnig slowly so what is the first thing I should do before I go buy more memory or take it in.