24 Hour Sale! 750GB Hard drive $99

www.NewEgg.com is having a 24 hour sale on a couple of 750GB internal hard drives. For those of you who need to back up your important data, this is a great opportunity to start that process. At 99 bucks, its less than 14 cents a gig. When I was in college a gigabyte of storage cost about 10 bucks. Here is the ad that will take you to the sale. You need to enter the promo code on the ad when you check out.

And BTW....its an SATA hard drive. If you bought your computer in the last 2 years, than you should have SATA connectors on your motherboard. Ask me if you need help! If you need more storage space, don't pass up this deal. You can easily turn this internal hard drive into an external one by buying an external hard drive enclosure like this one. A big advantage to doing this is that you can take your hard drive anywhere because you plug it in using a standard USB port.

Happy sale!

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