Amazing Brain Video

I found this video on the TED website. (Thanks Chris for reminding me about these awesome videos).

It is almost 19 minutes long, but its worth the watch time. A woman who studies the brain gives a first hand account about a stroke that she had. She tells a very touching and intimate story about her experience with the left and right hemisphere's of the brain while her brain hemorrhages. I was somewhat reluctant to put this video on The Geek Mom blog because the end of the blog is about a spiritual experience that I think would be more appropriate posted on my new blog http://mormonmp.blogspot.com. But, I am putting it here because it is also a very insightful view into brain disorders, and technology that lets us study things like bi-polarism and schizophrenia.

I hope you enjoy it. I think you will. She is a wonderful story teller. Oh, and don't worry about the part where she holds a brain in her hands. Its not gross and lasts only a minute or two. Here is a direct link in case the embedded video doesn't work.

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