CB Radio Fun

My grandma recently gave me a pair of old stereo headphones. They were the top line of headphones you could buy back in the 60's and 70's. When she gave me the headphones, I also received a few other items, including an owners guide to the Cobra CB radio. Back in the day, CB radio's where the thing to have if you were cool. When I was a kid, I was in awe of those that knew all of the fancy CB codes like my cousin Donnie did. He could talk to truckers for hours on his CB radio, and I was jealous.

The Cobra manual my grandma gave me contained all of the CB codes. I am posting it here in JPEG format for you can look at them if you are interested. (You can see a larger image by double clicking on the image itself).

I think my favorite 10-code is "10-81" i.e. "reserve a hotel room for." And then there is the classic "10-4" as in "10-4 good buddy!" That means "Ok, message received."

If Steven and I both had CB radios, I could call him on the pre-determined radio channel and then tell him 10-34...and he would return home knowing something is up. Maybe we should bring back CB radios into mainstream. That would be cool.