Conspiracy Theory About Rising Gas Prices

As some of you know, I have a tendency to be a conspiracy theorist, although I don't like to think I am wacko, or that I take my conspiracies too seriously. Mostly, I like to make people think by sharing my ideas with them, even if it involves theories that are completely unproven and will never be fact. I have a theory about the rise in gas prices.

I once watched a movie that talked a little about a "think tank" in Washington DC that is made up of powerful and rich people. This think tank is so powerful that it sways the government and society at large with its ideas. In short, this think tank meets every so often and decides what would be best for the American people. They then go to work making their ideas into reality by using their power and influence to move America in the direction they would like us to go. They aren't malicious people, but they are powerful.

I have a theory that there are some background powers at work that are making the gas prices rise while environmental awareness rises at the same time. Its pretty convenient that global warming started to be a big deal right about the time that gas prices started to rise. Didn't you notice that global warming was the hot topic which set into play an awareness of our gas fumes polluting the earth? About a year later, conveniently, gas prices rose so much that people suddenly became very aware of the amount of gas they consume? Interesting to say the least.

Gas is nearly 5 dollars a gallon. Why do I think the cost keeps rising? Because the think tank knows that people will not stop consuming gas and polluting the earth, or change their habits, unless they are forced to. Its money and the lack thereof that makes people change.

How do you get a whole country to become interested in non polluting alternatives to using gas? You raise the price of gas until they really start looking for alternatives. Its happened. People are finally starting to change their driving habits. They are looking for alternative transportation. It wouldn't have happened any other way.

So, is this think tank evil or good? I don't know. I don't mind moving towards a cleaner and greener future. What do you think?


Eddie the Girl said...

yea it's made me drive less, but mostly just to school. I liked to think I was already trying to be "greener." Like ever since I was in the recycling club in 1st grade.

Halvorsen Family said...

Hmmm...interesting insight. It sounds plausible (I'm a little bit of a conspiracy theorist myself...trying to maintain balance between paranoiah and normalcy :)