The Oil Crisis

I view the oil crisis the same way I view the problems with the current system of education.

#1. You can't expect to get better results by beating the same dead horse. Trying to make cars more fuel efficient or increasing oil production isn't going to lower gas prices. High gas prices are here to stay. Accept it. Its the truth. Get used to thinking about ways to save gas.

#2. Just like education problems, trying to find solutions that follow the same values we have gotten accustomed to won't work. Its time to look at alternatives to gas engines. We should be looking into shorter commutes, biking, walking, riding the bus, vanpool, etc... Our city govt's need to know that sidewalks are important. Bike lanes are important. Reasonable bus routes should be created. Cities won't change their policies until citizens start demanding change.

#3. People work too hard to really stop and think about what would be BEST for their families and their lives. If people would just stop and think about how much it costs for them to commute each day, they would realize they could probably find a similar job near home where they could walk, bike, or ride a bus to, that would bring in the same amount of money that they are making while commuting. For example:

The cost of commuting = $80 car insurance + $200 gas a month
The cost of a bus pass = $56 a month, walking = free, biking = free

A savings of $280-300 a month is the same amount of money that could be put in a retirement fund allowing you to retire with hundreds of thousands of dollars later on in life, or it could be a cut in pay that you could take in order to work closer to home and spend more time with your family.

I know that all situations are different, and that a lot of people are using different ways to save money and gas, but I honestly can't feel much sympathy for those who are paying $800 a month in gas to drive their huge SUV's. Personally, when I see people who use those giant trucks to commute, I think they aren't too intelligent. What idiot thinks that spending $800 a month on gas + $400 a month on a lease/car payment + $200 a month on insurance is cool? Nobody I want to hang out with. But then again, I'm just a geek mom.

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