Water Powered Cars

*I've been getting some comments about this subject, and I just want to let you know that this blog post is meant to be informative. I have not seen a water powered car work, nor do I claim that it does work.*

Lately we've been studying water and the process of electrolysis, especially in relation to water powererd cars. Now, before your eyes glaze over and you browse away from this blog entry, let me assure you I will simplify this so its interesting to read.

Have you ever heard of hydrogen powered vehicles? Well, that's a fancy way of saying that a car is being powered by water....technically....it is being powered by hydrogen gas, but hydrogen is just a highly explosive by-product of water.

Simplified, you take some water, add some kind of electrolyte to the water like salt, and then add electricity. Walaa! You get hydrogen gas! (At least thats how I understand it at the moment). So, why don't we use hydrogen to power our cars? Hmm. That is a loaded question but it ultimately comes down to cost. It is very costly to store and transport hydrogen.

Having said that, if you were going to use hydrogen on demand rather than store and transport it, it is cheap and easy to create. So, thats what people who want to build water powered cars are trying to do. They are attempting to create hydrogen on demand for a car. You would fuel your car with water, and then a hydrogen making device would create the fuel on demand while you drive your car. The best part is that the byproduct of hydrogen being burned is water. Your CO2 emissions would be 0.

One guy in Ohio claimed he did it and actually built a water powered vehicle. His name is Stanley Meyers. He was applying for patents when he was approached by many people to sell his design. He refused because he said that the technology was for the people and was as big and life changing as electricity. He kept everything secret while applying for patents, and then died suddenly, taking all of his knowledge with him. There is a video of him driving his watered powered car here. Cool beans.

Many consipracy theorists think he was killed because his invention would have brought down the whole energy industry. Some scientists think he was lying about his inventions, but there is a lot of video evidence that he was onto something very unique. His device was revolutionary because it converted water to hydrogen on demand, it used regular tap water or salt water, and it stayed cool. All of these facts make scientists nervous because science can't explain why or how it works. Hopefully, if his inventions were real, we will someday use them and the truth will be revealed.

So, what do you think? Would you be willing to convert your car to water powered, or would you at least be willing to add a conversion kit to your car that would boost your gas mileage using water? There are companies willing to show you how to do it if you pay money. I got my hands on the "Water4Gas" manual, and its got some interesting things in it. Its not an exact science, that's for sure. But, it will work if you are willing to put some time and tinkering into it. It really can boost your gas mileage if done correctly. You still use regular gasoline to power your car, but you also add hydrogen to the mix to boost the explosive content of the gasoline. Its actually fairly easy to do according to the instructions.

If you are interested in adding a water conversion kit to your car, let me know. I will try to fill you in on how it works. We haven't tried it yet, but I am sure we will someday. Steven is determined to find a way to afford to drive his truck. Water is awfully cheap compared to gas. We shall see.


Chris said...

Hey Emily,

Hate to burst any bubbles (no pun intended), but it seems that powering cars with water is not all it's cracked up to be... see this article:


killerdark said...

please update you post.

its a scam.