Bad News and Good News

I learned something important today. Soldering on circuit boards is really hard, and its very easy to mess up. I had a really frustrating time trying to fix my car stereo. The instructions were simple, but the task was nearly impossible. Word to the wise. Solder does not stick to PC boards, but it sticks really good to metal. Duh. I think I may have fried it beyond repair. Doh! Well, you win some, you lose some. In the end, I also learned that I HATE paste flux. It is of the devil.

On the good side of things, Steven successfully created enough hydrogen from a makeshift electrolysis machine to get the thing to blow up. A jar full of water and baking soda turned into an explosive when electrical current was added for 2 minutes and then the gas inside the jar was lit. He created hydrogen! So, yes, the water4gas concept does work. Now the question is, is it really feasible to use it in your car? We certainly aren't going to tamper with my car, so we may have to wait and use Steven's truck which has an old fashioned carburetor which will make the process much easier and less dangerous.


Judie and George said...

Well Emily, this is truly enlightening. Did you know that George's dad had a little company that made printed circuit boards? George actually snickered when we read about your soldering experience. Karen will enjoy the experiment a lot. It's really a step up from the back deck with coke bottles and whatever they added to make a volcano. I don't remember the particulars. However, gas being what it is, your experiments are truly meaningful because that's how things are discovered. Have you seen the new movie preview for the true story where the guy invents intermittant windshield wipers and Ford steals it? A word to the wise.

Eddie the Girl said...

do you have your comments set up so it tells you when you get a comment? if not I just commented on the 5.16.2008 post again.

Eddie the Girl said...

wait... your going to do that to your car?