Citibank Wants To Give Me $15,000 - No Strings Attached

Ugh. I got a collections notice for a medical bill that I swear I paid months ago. I am working on finding the evidence right now. I called the credit card company and tried to get some info. At the end of our call the credit card lady offered to deposit $15,000.00 cash directly into my bank account with an APR of 2.99%. (Its the remaining balance of my credit line). I have no assets, no house, no cars worth more than a couple thousand dollars...no retirement account...no nothing....to offer in collateral and yet they are willing to give me cold hard cash that I am not obligated to pay back. The worse they could do is harass me with phone calls for 10 years.


I said...no thanks, but its nice to know I have the option.

And we need to bail out the banking industry? I wonder why!?


Eddie the Girl said...

oh come on Emily you know you want all that money ;)

Jak said...

Do you remember a song, I think in the '80's, "things that make you go hmmm?" I don't remember it much either, but it fits here.
Sometimes I get mad that anyone was dumb enough to lend me and my husband all the money we owe to credit cards etc. I know, I know, I"M the one who's supposed to be smarter than that, but I'll tell ya! I took a graduate level math class called "theory of interest" and it's so freakin' complicated not even a genius math major like myself could figure it out! It's the devil! and we should just do what the prophet says and stay/get out of debt. It seemed so easy once.

Kelli said...

I have been a mortgage processor for the last 10 years. I know exactly what your talking about. why was it, I knew as a processor that these loans were wrong but the people who invented the loans, the loan officers selling the loans didnt? I saw peoples credit reports. with two new cars, furnature credit accounts, lots of just credit cards and now wanted a home worth twice as much as mine......... thats not wrong? up front wrong? I hope they loose my mortgage when they go under. I will however try to tell the new company I owe them money but maybe they wont believe me and I will work so hard to help them understand and in the end they can forgive my mortgage........right, like that will happen. hehe

Judie and George said...

Credit was meant to be used judiciously. I shred everything, but try to have a card with a 0% interest rate for my personal feeling of security. I hate paying interest, but want to be prepared should I need credit. I am always surprised at how much they are willing to loan people, especially now when credit is supposedly "dried up."

DoMTar said...

Just get the money and then disconnect your phone. Simple as that!

blackgata said...

Wow, I thought all the money for credit had dried up and the finances of the whole world banking system were going to implode. Evidently someone didn't tell Citibank.