Text Messaging

I came across this really cool feature for cell phone users who don't have fancy internet hookups on their cell phone but wish they could use some of the fancy internet features like directions and store locations. To get these services for free on a normal cell phone, you simply send a text message to the Google search engine by dialing the number 466453 (GOOGLE).

When you do this, you get really handy text message replys that include information like currency conversions, directions from one place to the next, language translations, or even the location of the nearest chinese restaurant. I text'd the phrase "1 inch in mm" and the google search engine replied to my request by sending me a text message that said "calculator: 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters."

Pretty cool!

I also tried "barrack obama birthday" and I received a text message reply that said "Did you mean BARACK obama birthday? Q&A: Barack Obama Date of Birth 4 August 1961." (I can see that the search engine retains its nazi spelling tyraid even while using text messaging).

Yep, pretty darn cool. And the best part is its free. However, regular text messaging rates apply for your cell phone provider. Here is a link if you want to learn more about this service at Google.

Google also allows you to add a widget to your google homepage that can send text messages for free. Here is the link. http://www.google.com/ig/adde?moduleurl=www.text4free.net/module/module.xml

You can also send text messages from your cell phone to an email address. Type in the email address instead of a cell phone number. Getting your phone to insert an email address instead of a phone number when you want to send a text message is a little tricky. I made a contact profile in my cell phone that had my email address instead of a phone number, and then I selected that contact when I wanted to send the text. The text message arrived in my email box a few minutes later.

This website allows you to send text messages with pictures and other fun things for free. http://www1.811.com/indexf.php

You can send a text message to a cell phone using your email service. Usually each cell phone user has an SMS mailbox at the service provider domain. Each provider is different. The email address pattern for Verizon cell phones is "verizon wireless phone number@vtext.com." Example: 2535555555@vtext.com. Other cell phone carriers may offer this same service. Check out their website to find out.

Happy texting!


Halvorsen Family said...

I'm so glad you discovered the Google text. We love it! And all you have to do is type in a "W" for weather, or "M" for movie show times and locations. It is pretty sweet. So does this mean I'm a geek mom, too?? If so, I feel I'm in pretty good company! Have a great day, Emily!

Kelli said...

HOW cool!!! thanks

Jak said...

That is pretty cool. I'll have to try it out. I probably shouldn't admit this to you, but sometimes it feels too overwhelming... all these "conveniences." Pretty soon I won't know how to do anything because it will all be stuck in a computer or cell phone and I'm just not that savvy... :( Guess I'll have to learn from geek friends and a geek hubby!

Eddie the Girl said...

so cool now I just need free texts :)