ADD Symptom #1,298,298,921

Okay, its probably not symptom number one million-two hundred ninety-eight thousand...., but it sure is a prominent symptom of ADD. I have a bazzilion unfinished projects. I start them, I love them, I create with feverish energy, and then I get stuck or hit a small snag, and the project sits untouched for days, weeks, and sometimes years.

Some of the unfinished projects are only in my head, like the one I want to do for Lincoln. They are thoughts about things I want to do but never got started. Other projects like the one I started for my friend Aly are just about done, but other things keep taking priority over putting the finishing touches together.

So, for you big time finishers of projects, I salute you and ask for your ideas. How in the world do you balance new things and daily tasks with projects that need to get done eventually, but are always at the bottom of the list?


Kelli said...

I start a million projects or even think them in my mind and only finish them when the deadline draws near! I hate that about myself!

Eddie the Girl said...

if I can help it don't start projects. ones that NEED to be done (like painting my living room) I admitt take forever for me to start b/c I know I will have to finsih them. One thing that worked for me once, which I have never applyed again is a 10 min a day thing. I just have to spend 10 min a day on cleaning up this one room and then over time something acutally happens AMAZING!!! or andy gets tired of it and he does it.

Jak said...

ADD? I thought this was normal!
Like you, I get obsessive- to the point of neglecting anything else- but once I get interupted, it's often hard to get back to it. One thing that does help is if I don't clean up my mess in between. It's a lot easier to get into something if all your stuff is still laid out than if you have to pull it all out and "start over."

Judie and George said...

I remember when I realized that I was not compelled to finish something just because I started it. I spent a lot of good time not starting something I wanted to do because something else that was not done. Or I thought I couldn't do the fun thing until the other was done. It was a wonderful day when I took some of the projects I truly would never finish and ditched 'em in the DI bag. Very freeing. I also like to keep things out if I am working on something. It seems like so much work to put things up and then take them down.