ENERGY CRISIS & ECONOMIC FAILURE - Symptoms of Our Complacency

My mom has a DVD about a boy in Germany during the Nazi rise to power who fights against the Nazi's very early on before most people worried about Adolf Hitler. Eventually, the boy gets caught as the Nazi's rise to power, and is executed. Many people in the video comment about how he was a very wise and profound youth because he felt the need to oppose the Nazi's before most people had even thought about them. They admired his foresight and wished they had done more to fight the Nazi's so they could have helped avoid the genocide.

I know that the current energy and economic crisis in our country is not nearly as horrifying as the genocide that occurred during WWII, but I do feel obligated to tell everyone as an early watchdog that we need to pay more attention to special interests in Washington DC and in the mainstream media. Do you realize how many billions of dollars the oil industry has invested in our government and our businesses? ABC will not run a commercial against the oil companies and this censorship is ridiculous. We should all be appalled! Here is the commercial they will not air on TV.

With the oil money invested in our economy comes an awful lot of power, and that power is part of the reason we are facing this economic crisis. Wake up people. The technologies to end our foreign dependence on oil is here. Why can't we all band together and get rid of this cancer in our society? Have you ever stopped to think about how many gas stations there are within 10 miles of your home? Think about how many billions of dollars we waste DAILY fueling our cars when we could be investing that money in education, technology, and improving the world. We are burning our money literally through an engine.

If I gave you an electric vehicle that was quieter than your current car, more powerful off the fly, and clean for the environment, would you drive it? What if I told you it was powered by solar power that you had collected during the day and stored in batteries so you wouldn't have to pay an electric bill? You would love it. Think of all the money you would save!

If I gave you this option, you'd jump at the chance! Guess what. The technology is here now. We can do it. We haven't done it because oil companies are preventing it. They are powerful and will do anything they can to squelch us into believing that the billions of dollars we spend on oil is anything but unnecessary.

For those of you who want to vote for John McCain because of his moral stance against Gay marriage and abortion, I want you to consider the fact that John McCain has NO interest in alternative renewable energies. Obama is the candidate who champions real technologies that are available NOW and can make a huge difference in our economy and dependence on foreign oil. The technology is available NOW to have electric cars, solar powered homes, and other renewable energies. The infrastructure needs a champion to make it happen, and that champion is Obama.

P.S. Obama does not believe in redefining the traditional definition of marriage between a man and a woman. He believes in constitutional rights for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation, but he does NOT favor redefining marriage. BTW, isn't it John McCain that has redefined the role of a woman by choosing Palin as his running mate. I do not support a woman who will leave her 5 month old disabled son to gain power and prestige. She is NOT the best person for the job, and she knows it. So, why is she running? There is only one answer...she has some personal power trip and pride issue and that is not the kind of woman I want speaking for me as a woman or my country.

I feel so strongly that this is a CRITICAL presidential election for all of us. May we vote wisely and consciously with our future generations in mind. If you vote for McCain, I won't complain because it is every one's right to vote for who they want, but I can't guarantee that I won't think you aren't less intelligent than most folks. Lol...that's a joke...no I'm being half serious. Okay...just don't tell me who you voted for and we won't have a problem.


Eddie the Girl said...

here here... and don't forget that almost all media is owned by very few ppl.... which means we don't get the whole story. yea... I read the nation.. its ok if you don't like it, but it's NOT owned by anyone. READ A BLOG FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! much better for you!

A Girl Called Dallan said...

Excellent! You never cease to amaze me with your smarts and great writing.

(That last little bit was my favorite part.)

Jak said...

This is quite insightful- good for you for sharing with the rest of us naive people! How do you know about this stuff? Where can I learn more? Sometimes I really feel like I just go along in my trusting little bubble oblivious to the important things.

Judie and George said...

Emily, you are so good at cutting through the crap.