Google Chrome and Spyware

If you haven't tried the new browser, Google Chrome, I highly recommend it! Its FAST.

Spam. Yuck. I recently discovered that my internet speed had slowed signifigantly. I couldn't find the source, but eventually I found it was spam that I couldn't trace on my computer. The only way I knew it was there was:

  • my internet speed has slowed down over time
  • there was weird stuff happening when I browsed certain web sites

The weird stuff that happened when I was on the internet was simply that some web pages had interactive text. Certain words would be highlighted as links, and when I moused over the words, a little pop up window would have ads.

If you have the same problem, be aware that this is spyware installed on your computer.

Rather than messing with spyware removal tools, I chose to format my hard drive and reinstall Windows. I can do this easily since all of my files besides my operating system are kept on seperate hard drives.

If you think you have spyware on your computer, use these free tools to remove them. I recommened you use more than one. 

CW Shredder - gets rid of broswer hijacks like what I had on my PC
Spyware Blaster - yep..more good stuff
Good luck!

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