Picasa 3

I want to rave about Picasa 3. Its awesome. Its free. You must use it if you haven't already. Here is the link to download it. http://picasa.google.com/

What can Picasa do for free? SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF!
  • edit pictures (remove red eye, crop, adjust colors with ease)
  • keep track of all of your pictures on your computer
  • organizes pictures
  • upload pictures to the web for backup (private or public folders)
  • make Gift CD's of pics
  • make movies with video and photo's and you can even add music!
  • upload your pics to your blog
  • upload your pics to your favorite picture printing website
  • make your pictures be a part of google earth by geotagging with Google earth
  • make collages of your pics
  • make passport photos
  • lets you tag people in your photos and then it will recognize them later on
  • lets you resize and export photos for web viewing
  • easily integrates with GMAIL so you can email pics from Picasa

And the list goes on. Try it out. You won't be sorry.


Eddie the Girl said...

free stuff makes me sooo happy! yea gimp! yea open office! yea picasa! yea google!

Judie and George said...

Hey Geek Mom, I have noticed that when a person goes private with a blog, my blog list no longer updates when they post. Why is that?