My Purchasing Power

Call me crazy, but it really bothers me that I can't go on the internet, pick out a new car, and have it delivered straight to my door. Why can't I eliminate the middle man and have a car built for me, and then delivered the way i want? It doesn't make sense to my internet obsessed mind.

I also get all bothered when I can't purchase a house online either. Why can't I hire someone to go inspect the house for me, give me a quote, and then close the deal for me so I can just move in and not deal with the hassle? I know that real estate agents and mortgage lenders do that work for you, but in all reality, I still want to go online, search a house plan for a new Quadrant home, apply online, and move in. I want it to be that simple, and for some reason my brain can't figure out why it isn't that way.

It all makes sense logically. I realize those are two big ticket items, but I have a good credit rating, I pay my bills on time, I have a history of good debt, so I feel I should be privileged to purchase whatever I want and have it delivered to me. I don't want to leave my house and I don't want to make a thousand phone calls and send a ton of documents to prove my purchasing power. Its a digital age. Paper is a waste of trees.

I also hate paying for shipping, but maybe that's just me. I guess it bothers me because I find really good deals online, get excited about the price that blows away the store price, but then I realize that if I tack on shipping, it costs the same as the store and I don't get the convenience of dealing with real people if there is a problem. I find that I only buy things online that I can't get at a normal store, and then paying the shipping will sway me from buying from a particular vendor because I HAVE to get the lowest shipping and purchase price.

Maybe its just me...but I have a feeling there are more internet savvy people out there my age who think that they should have the power to buy whatever they want from their home computer. Just food for thought for those of you in the world who have the power to make a change.


Naomi said...

I have a friend who bought a car after sending out an email to car dealerships with what exactly they were looking for and asking for their best quote. He said he would buy that weekend. The loan was obtained online with a great interest rate. When the price quotes came in (not every dealership wanted his business), there was one that was much lower than the rest. He went and picked it up that weekend without having to haggle with anyone.

Judie and George said...

I don't know what to say, I agree with your completely. Right now I am deciding what other books to buy to get the one I want without paying for shipping. I can wait until I want more to get the one I want now without shipping. Sigh!

Alyssa said...

i don't have enough trust in other people to be able to do this. Or maybe I am just too picky.

At the same time, you can do this, in a sense. You can buy kit homes, have it biult by a contractor, and move in. You can buy a manufactured home and do the same thing. I bet if you gave them the money, Quadrant homes would sell you the house you wanted sight unseen.

I just don't trust that others understand my needs and wants well enough to represent me in that way.I'd rather do it myself.

A Girl Called Dallan said...

Check out Amazon's Subscribe and Save. No shipping, but you have to buy in bulk. I love it.

I don't mind paying shipping, though. I'll pay big bucks not to have to leave the house.

By the way, buying a Quadrant Home is just about that simple. You get ready to do that, and I am sure that your Mom will be happy to go to the showroom for you and make all the choices. :0)

Putz said...

i don't agree, i think having the internet make it easier dfor you is a cop out, not sacrificing your time to make it happen is taking the easy way out and in the end the appreciation won't be there....i like you to have to make some real effort especially with the big ticket items, sio there