Windows 7 Beta

I love Windows 7 Beta. After all of the problems I have been having with Windows Vista, Windows 7 Beta is a breath of fresh air. It kind of feels like Windows XP with some Vista flare, and thats really weird if you stop and think about it because it actually feels like Microsoft is working backwards. This operating system feels like the embodiment of what Vista should have been, and it really makes me wonder if the whole world is being pushed to use a product that Microsoft should have never put on the market in the first place. If they would have waited and released Microsoft 7 rather than Vista, they could have avoided ton of problems.

Well, maybe they have learned their lesson and won't ever do something that stupid again. Just incase they do, I ordered a DVD copy of Ubuntu (the free operating system that is currently being installed on thousands of ACER laptops). It arrived at my mailbox today, and it was completely free. I didn't even have to pay for shipping even though it came from the Netherlands.

I love open source software. WAHOO!!!

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