Windows Vista is the DEVIL

I got a Sager laptop a little while ago so I could do my work on the run. Its pretty fancy. I love it except for one thing. It keeps crashing. Normally, when a computer crashes its not a huge deal. You just turn the computer off, turn it back on, and vwalla, the problem is magically fixed. Unfortunately, that particular method of troubleshooting doesn't work for my laptop and it doesn't work for one reason, Windows Vista.

I hear there are some people in the world who have used Windows Vista without complaint. Oh, how I envy those people. Since I have installed Vista on my laptop, I have experienced 3 catastrophic failures where my computer will not boot because Vista is missing a "system driver."

After doing some research, I found out that there are many people who have experienced problems similar to mine. Every time I let Windows install updates on my computer, the computer runs fine for awhile, but then freezes, and when I boot it back up, it won't work. How can Microsoft justify releasing updates to their operating system that make people's systems crash? What happened to their quality control department???

I also read online that NVidia (the maker of my video card) has been sued by Microsoft for causing over 20% of Windows Vista crashes because their drivers suck. Well, whoopee do. If it weren't for NVidia and their video cards, then people wouldn't play games on their computer. If all we needed were drivers for simple video output, then we wouldn't need to pay for Vista.

In other words, if any of you out there are sick of Microsoft like I am, and you want an operating system that won't crash, get UBUNTU for free. The only real disadvantage to using Linux is that you can't play fancy video games on your computer. Whoopee do. If you are like me and you want a simple stable operating system to browse the net and do some normal work, then get UBUNTU.

I'm just about fed up with Microsoft. Windows XP is a WAY better operating system. Good thing you can still buy it online from newegg.com. If you are building a new computer, and you don't need a ton of RAM, maybe consider staying with XP. Or, if you install Vista, be aware of the NVidia issue. Its caused me a ton of headaches. Buyer beware.

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Judie and George said...

I can't think of anything more irritating than a computer crash. And I haven't heard much good about Vista either. Grrr.