So What NERD!?

I really wish I was better at programming. It would make things at work SO MUCH EASIER!!! ARH!

I was looking for classes to take at the local educational institutions, and I am shocked and amazed that none of them offer basic programming this Winter quarter. WTF?! How am I supposed to improve my hacking and code writing skillz if nobody teaches Java or C++? I don't get it. Maybe my luck will improve with Fall classes next year. I hate to wait.  Insert sad face here.

I recently started a wordpress blog that got hits from Google almost instantly. OMG...but it was all nonsense and recipes I had stolen from another website, so I took it down. Now I just need to find a get rich quick scheme. I did find this website...which looks promising...http://www.associate-o-matic.com/

You can build a store front to sell things from Amazon.com.

Anywho...my latest geeky obsession is World of Warcraft and the Cataclysm, along with Battlefield Modern Warfare. I never have much time to play anymore since I've increased my hours at work, but gaming is fun for a house bound mommy with no friends.

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