Home School Day 4

I'm constantly conflicted about the correct way to spell home school. Is it one word or two?

Logically, if I compare it to public school, then its two words. Hence the change in the title.

Tough Day.

Started with him using electronics first thing after waking up, which is against the rules. He's supposed to do his work before any electronic time.

Followed by an attempt to do homework angrily which is not allowed.

We did a reset. Told him he can't do homework until he can come back and do homework with a positive attitude.

After he had calmed down, we had a talk about my experience in public school and home school. Talked to him about my attitudes toward the public school system. Told him what he needs to accomplish this year (grade level competency) but I think he can do much more and I'm going to provide him those opportunities to be challenged. Told him he needs to have a good attitude about work because that is what people do every day to survive.

He thought it out. He came back ready to do his work.

Spectrum Math 1.6 - Subtracting 2 digits from 3 digits (renaming)

Spectrum Science 1.4 - Under a Log 
keywords: tally, bar graph

We did the science lesson together. I read it out loud and then we answered the questions together. That seemed to work well.

I'd like to add an additional subject next week and get him doing more than 20-30 minutes work in the morning.

We also talked about skipping parts of the math book he already knows so he'll be doing pretests,and if he passes them, skipping that section.

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