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Today we added another workbook page for him to do daily. Spectrum Language Arts. I also picked up another book for prep testing.

We (parents) talked extensively about how to approach writing and reading comprehension.

One of the 4th grade requirements is that he know how to write three types of documents.

1. An Opinion Piece

2. A Narrative

3. An Informational/Explanatory Paper

He does not like to write things down on paper. So, we've got to get creative about how we do this.

I made some Google Forms that he can use to type things out in paragraph format for each type, but the narrative form didn't get completed because breaking down narrative into individual parts is difficult to convey accurately for his very strict mind structure.

Today he skipped the rest of chapter 1 math and moved on to chapter 2 since he already knows how to do chapter 1, and he doesn't like writing down the long hand to carry numbers from one column to the next. I told him to skip it if he knows how to do it already.

Today he completed:

Spectrum Math 2.1 - Understanding Place Value (to hundreds)

Spectrum Language Arts 2.1 - Capitalizing Names and Titles
I'm not sure why he skipped to chapter 2. I'll ask him later.

Spectrum Science - 1.5 Full of Air
Keywords: funnel, inflate, variables

We may do the science experiment with the balloon, vinegar, a bottle, and baking soda.

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