Homeschool Day 1 - Aug 1

Today marks the first day of home-school. My 9 year old is motivated and excited to take charge of his learning.

I wanted to do a slow and easy transition, so we've started by having him do work first thing in the morning. It took him about 20-30 minutes to complete all of his work.

He did 3 lessons in a grade 4 math book (probably all review for him) and 1 lesson in a grade 4 science book. (reading, comprehension, answering questions about what he read).

Today he read about the scientific method and completed adding and subtracting two digits.

Over time I will increase his academic work so that he's doing at least 2 hours of work per day, but I plan to integrate his schooling with subjects and activities he already enjoys doing.

I'm listing my ideas here:

Subjects: reading, writing, critical thinking, language arts

  • Write a game review and publish it online.
  • Write an opinion piece about a game he enjoys playing.
  • Choose a subject and answer generic/general questions about it. (I need to write up these generic questions. Maybe using Google Forms).
  • Pick a science project and learn about the science behind it while playing/doing it. Write a report about it.
  • Read any new book from the library for 30 minutes a day.
  • Do work in the language arts 4th grade book.

Subject: math

I am profoundly grateful there are many places to learn math online as well as awesome apps.

  • Khan Academy (1 lesson per day or more).
  • DragonBox Math App
  • 4th grade workbook (Spectrum Math Grade 4).

Subject: science

He's already doing some science work as noted above, but for now I've got him working in the Spectrum Science 4th grade workbook.

Subject: languages - japanese, javascript

He has expressed interest in learning Japanese, but I'm still working on a lesson source for that.
In the meantime, I'd also like him to have some training and introduction to Javascript.
Right now I lean toward having him use combat.com for the interactive javascript role playing game.

Subject: History
 I'd like to get him to read the Constitution and understand world history.

Subject: Other
I may also try to integrate Habitica into the daily routine eventually so he can see progress, keep on task, etc.

Links to all sources are below.
Habitica - change habits, track progress, battle for fun.  https://habitica.com
DragonBox - math for all ages. multiple apps. http://dragonbox.com/
Khan Academy - math for all ages and more.  https://www.khanacademy.org/
CodeCombat - learn javascript while playing a game. https://codecombat.com/

And, I ran into this awesome blog this morning while browsing Reddit. This is  kind of what I have in mind for him to do when reviewing games he's playing.

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