Homeschool Day 2

He completed 3 math lessons, which took him a but longer this time. I think he spent about 45 minutes on school work today, but within that time was a 10 minute discussion about how hard it is for him to do the writing part of the science book.

After some tears and frustration, he read the science text, and answered the multiple choice questions, but then got stuck on a couple sentences that didn't make sense to him. The topic was Scientific Detectives. I.E. How scientists gather evidence, collect information and artifacts, and then draw conclusions based on that evidence.

He got really frustrated and expressed to me his difficulty with the following two sentences.

#1. What kind of scientist would you want to be?

He said what if you don't want to be a scientist? He apparently gets really stuck when he has to do thinking in hypotheticals.

 I told him to ignore that question.

#2. Do you think each branch of science uses only one method of investigation? Explain your answer.

He got hung up on "Do you think..."  And then explaining the answer about how he thinks.

I re-framed the question for him.

"Does each branch of science use only one method of investigation?"  He said "Well, no."

I told him that was good enough. I know he could explain why they don't. He doesn't need to write it out or use words to tell me.

After that, he went on happily to play on this computer, listening to music while coordinating with the music on the screen and beating his old high score. (Audiosurf).

Work completed today:
Lessons 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 of Spectrum Math
    Adding Three of More Numbers (single digit)
    Adding through 2 Digits (with renaming)
    Adding Three of More Numbers (2 digits)

Lesson 1.2 of Spectrum Science
    Scientific Detectives


I may start writing up his science comprehension reading quiz in Google Forms previous to when he reads the section so I can rewrite sentences that bother him.

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